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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Question: Who are Next Top Footballer and why should I choose them

Answer: Next Top Footballer specialise in football trials for children aged 7-12 years old. Our team of coaches all either play semi-pro or coach for a pro club. We have a number of links with scouts through our Pro Player Centres venues which run in a number of counties across the UK. We regularly organise matches for our players and have a number of players go on to have trials with clubs.

Question: How does Next Top Footballer get players trials with Pro Clubs

Answer: Next Top Footballer has a database of clubs and scouts which it uses to match up our players. Pro clubs are beginning to take players in as young as 6 years old to develop them from a young age. By offering these clubs a number of talented footballers all in one place, we are doing half the job for the clubs. We give each club we link with sole choosing of any players they want to invite in.

Question: Will there be scouts at the assessment days or just the trials day?

Answer: At the assessment days no scouts will be present. The assessment days main aim is to highlight players who possess the 4 skills we are measuring; passing, shooting, dribbling & speed.  At the Trials day, players will play in small sided games. Scouts will be present at this stage as they can then see a players decision making in a match situation.

Question: After the Assessment Days how long before I get my results and find out if I have been selected for the trials day?

Answer: After the Assessment days it usually takes between 7-10 days to find out your results.  You will be notified by email and we will attach your test scores to look at. If you have been successful, details on the Trials Day will be included. If you have not been successful on this occasion, don’t be disheartened, with most of our Assessment Days reaching full capacity of 600 children, then standard is extremely high. Take on board the comments provided, see which challenge might have let you down and try again in the future!

Question: How do I sign up for one of the Assessment Days?

Answer: The easiest way to sign up for one of our Assessment Days is via our website. It gives you automatic confirmation of your booking and is quick and easy via PayPal. If you are booking through your school or football club you can pay by cheque. Book now.

Question: How much does an Assessment Day cost?

Answer: Our Assessment Days are currently priced at £20 per child. We feel this is excellent value for money.

Question: How much does the Trail Day costs if I get through to this stage?

Answer: This is the best bit - it is completely FREE! We wouldn’t dream of inviting you to the next stage and expecting you to pay again. You have earnt this space at the next stage and it is on us!

Question: Will the Trials Day showcase matches be split into age groups?

Answer: Yes. At the Trials day we invite the top 70 children to attend. We invite 14 players at U7’s. We invite 14 players at U8’s, 14 players at U9, 14 players at U10 and 14 players at U11’s. They will then play in a 7' aside match.

Question: What about goalkeepers?

Answer: At Next Top Footballer we don’t currently offer a ‘goalkeeper only’ assessment day. When we collate the scores we firstly order them by age. We then also order them by position. So all goalkeeper scores will be combined and we will choose the two best goalkeeper scores for each age group.

Question: Am I guaranteed a football trial with a pro club after the Trials Day?

Answer: One player at each of our Trial Days are offered a 6 week trial with one of our partnered club. At the clubs discretion, they may choose to invite other players in for a trial too. All remaining players will be offered the chance to continue training at their nearest Pro Player Centre venue and benefit from high quality coaching and the chance to play semi-pro and professional football clubs with the chance to showcase their abilities.