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Each player will have the chance to have 4 different shots at a 7' aside samba goal target(backdrop in the goal)

2 shots will be static and 2 will be moving (out of players feet) – Static balls will be already set, the moving balls will have to be received by the individual player:  having 2 touches, one to get the ball out of their feet, the other to have a strike at the goal.

There will be areas of the goal to hit, some areas worth more points than others E.g. Top Corners

Scores: Score in goal – 10 points, Yellow Target – 20 points, Blue target – 30 points and red target – 50 points: Points will be tallied up and added to your overall score.

Top score you can achieve is 200 points (hitting the red target with all 4 shots).


Video by one of our coaching team

Video by an U11 trialist